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Speed up hospital medication with the right trolley

The dressing trolley is a very useful tool for doctors and nurses to have medicines, instruments, and dressings at hand for all kinds of needs. Its high resistance to shock or contact with chemicals makes it perfect for hospitals and emergency rooms. Moreover, the practicality of its various drawers allows an excellent organisation of instruments and a consequent speeding up of the operation. 

Hospital medication is a necessary and very frequent process. Having the right trolley certainly helps to speed up this operation, especially in an emergency or on busy days in the hospital.

How hospital medication works and who deals with it

Hospital dressing is the action that is usually performed on the ward in a doctor’s office. Depending on the severity of the injury, nurses or interns will take care of it. 

Often, hospital dressing is performed to replace a previous dressing, for example following surgery, or to help the natural regeneration process of tissues after an injury.

There are four types of hospital dressing:

  • Preventive: with the aim of preventing injuries that could occur in areas under pressure, for example in people forced to a prolonged period of immobility.
  • Covering: more for containing applications for actual wound healing such as ointments, creams, etc.
  • Protective: protection from external contamination or mechanical trauma, to ensure that healing conditions are not altered, in the case, for example, of surgical wounds.
  • Curative: aimed specifically at promoting healing, as well as protecting against exogenous agents and trauma, of course.

Modular trolleys for hospital dressing

To facilitate hospital medication operations, Alvi has a range of modular trolleys to choose from:

  • The 3955 CR model, made of anodised light alloy, has internal walls suitable for inserting ISO-NORM containers and with a locking system for the same in the open position. The top surface is made of anti-slip ABS with a three-sided containment edge. The closing doors are hinged with 270° opening and locking system in the open position completed with key lock. Finally, the 3955 CR model has four swivel wheels, 2 of which have parking brakes and rubber bumpers.
  • The 3955/2 CR version, a few kilos heavier and slightly taller, has the same features as its ‘brother’ 3955 CR and is suitable for inserting 600×400 mm ISO-NORM containers. Both models are single section. 

Both models can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as:

The taller version model 3955/3 CR can be equipped with side bars for accessories and is designed to hold the maximum number of ISO containers (up to 7 containers 100 mm high with stop function).

Unlike the other two models, this one is the ‘heaviest’ (only 24 kg!) and the tallest: its measurements are 740 x 535 x 1440 mm in height.

The advantages of a multifunctional trolley in the hospital

As mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, the modular walls, and accessories of Alvi’s multifunctional trolleys allow optimal organisation of the consumables, instruments and medicines that are needed for hospital medication. 

The resistance that these models have completes the advantages of having a multifunctional trolley in the hospital: both against the shocks that can occur during use and against the chemicals that are used for disinfection.

Choosing one of Alvi’s models guarantees promptness in work and ease in finding the correct instruments when needed. To view all available trolleys, visit the Products section of our website and contact us to request information or a quote.

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