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Sack-holder trolleys: features, materials and utility

Sack-holder trolleys are very useful in a hospital context because they allow to collect waste, dirty linen or other materials, maintaining the high level of hygiene required in such a place.

The main feature that makes these products highly demanded is the presence of wheels, which allow the transport of  sacks in a comfortable and practical way.

Types of waste sack-holders

On the Alvi website it is possible to discover different models of waste sack-holders. The 3830 CR for example is a trolley with a capacity of one sack. The structure of the holding ring and  support is made of anodized light alloy profiles.The platform of this model is in white ABS. Furthermore, the holding ring is open and complete with a stainless steel locking ring. The product is completed by four non-marking gray rubber swivelling wheels.

If you need to collect different types of waste or linen and to separate them, the 3845 CR model is the ideal one. The capacity, in this case, reaches four sacks, configuration in line. The platforms, in white ABS like the previous model, are joined together by a zinc-plated steel frame.

Model 3846 CR is similar in structure but different in configuration: four sacks in square and not in line. For the rest, the characteristics follow those of the previous model. Furthermore, this product is easy to move thanks to four swivelling wheels.

Finally, it is also possible to choose  a trolley that contains two or three sacks in line (3835 CR or 3840 CR.)

Self-closing sack-holder trolleys: hygiene first 

Self-closing (hermetic) sack-holders are a guarantee in terms of hygiene and, therefore, particularly suitable for hospital facilities.

The hermetic closure, in facts, prevents the leakage of bad smells and infectious substances, that can be found in different type of waste.

Relying on Alvi hermetic trolleys guarantees high level of  hygiene  within any hospital ward. There are two models that differ in the height: 312-1 CR or 312-2 CR.

Accessories for waste sack-holders

In addition to the different models of waste sack-holders, with Alvi you can also choose from a vast range of accessories that complete the trolley.

For example, the ABS lid, available in 7 different colors, allows differentiated waste collection.

Another accessory, useful and widely used for hygienic reasons, is the pedal kit for opening the lid of the 3800 CR sack holders series. The product 3800 PE is very practical and allows the lid to be opened without touching it.

If you need to hook up a sack holder to a linen ward trolley, the practical hooking system XA0312/3950D is the ideal product.

Features of ALVI waste trolleys Alvi

Whichever waste trolley model is chosen, with Alvi you have the certainty of purchasing a quality and long-lasting product. Specifically designed for places such as hospitals and laundries, it is created with a material that guarantees hygiene and cleanliness.

Anodized light alloy, from which support and ring are made, is synonymous with lightness and resistance to corrosion. While the four swivelling wheels ensure easy transport in the hospital wards.

On the Alvi website it will be possible to contact our customer service who will answer all your questions about  products and support you in purchasing  an excellent quality sack holder.

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