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Trolleys for logistics: the lightness of aluminium in the warehouse

Alvi’s logistics trolleys, leader in the design and production of transport and logistics materials, are a must-have in storage areas and production departments where it is necessary to transfer material from one production line to another or do picking work. Made of light alloy, they are an essential aid in the transport of various types of material. 

There are many models available, and each one has the perfect characteristics for the correct performance of its task: making the flow and storage easier.

Light alloy trolleys with movable bottom for logistics

Among the products available on Alvi website, the 680 CR 2+2 model is among the most suitable for those looking for a light alloy trolley with a movable bottom, suitable for logistics and transport. 

The peculiar features of this trolley are:

  • Rounded and reinforced upper edge.
  • Bottom fixed on carriages with nylon wheels that slide inside profiles for easy handling even with uneven loads 
  • Tub-shaped bottom to avoid jamming of transported material between bottom and body of the trolley.
  • Robust painted steel frame.

Regarding the arrangement of the wheels, this model has 2 fixed and 2 swivel wheels, with rubber ring and galvanised steel brackets, positioned at the corners.

The alternative is the 680 CR 1-2-1 model, which has the same features but with the wheels positioned in a lozenge shape and a slight pitch.

All these features make the 680 CR 1-2-1 and 680 CR 2+2 models perfect for industrial logistics and suitable for transporting various types of goods. This is also considering the wide range from 200 to 800 litres.

Transport trolley with movable bottom for warehouse

Continuing to analyse the vast selection that Alvi offers in the logistics sector, the 680/26 CR model is the light alloy trolley with movable bottom that could be right for you. This trolley has the same characteristics as the models described above, with the addition of a weight indicator positioned on the short side of the trolley to avoid exceeding the maximum permitted weight both for the transporter and for any subsequent treatment of the material transported. The model 680/30 CR, on the other hand, is equipped with an electronic scale that allows, via the LED screen, a precise and punctual indication of the weight of the material transported.

Aluminium trolleys for the warehouse: the advantages of light alloys

The aluminium alloy used in the construction of our trolleys is mainly made from a combination of aluminium and magnesium, manganese silicon, iron, copper, chrome and zinc. This alloy has high corrosion resistance, excellent weldability and very good mechanical strength.

Involved in the manufacture of the trolleys produced by Alvi, aluminium makes it possible to create ergonomic products that are ideal for transport. Aluminium has a high ratio of mechanical strength to specific weight. This advantage gives rise to robust yet lightweight trolleys.

In addition, trolleys made of light alloy treated with anodic oxidation are among the most corrosion-resistant, which makes them particularly suitable for transport, even in adverse weather conditions, and for use in wet environments.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an aluminium logistics trolley, Alvi’s catalogue is for you! Contact us for more information or to request a quote.

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