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Ward trolleys for CNAs: characteristics and organization

Within a hospital, the certified nursing assistant can avail himself of the help of specific ward trolleys that facilitate the organization of hospital equipment and the transport of essential tools.

The certified nursing assistant, abbreviated to CNA, is, in fact, a professional figure who is involved in carrying out activities of care and assistance to people not self-sufficient or in conditions of hardship.

In hospitals and old people’s homes or other, she deals with personal hygiene, dressing, feeding, and patient support in mobility as well as hygiene and tidying up of the environment such as cleaning the bedside table and changing linen.


Ward trolleys: all types and accessories

The ward trolley is a useful support for hospital staff and old people’s homes. Its shelf organization, in fact, helps nurses and CNA to organize hospital equipment. Common is the use of this trolley for the transport of clean linen and diapers thanks to the use of shelves.

Alvi offers, in its wide range of products, model 3950/2 CR to meet the needs of order and organization of hospital equipment. Made of anodised light alloy, this trolley has two fixed internal shelves, with a capacity of 25 kg each, bottom, and lid. The four wheels are swivelling, in non-marking grey rubber and protective bumpers. The trolley can be equipped with doors KC3950/2 highly recommended for the protection of the transported contents.

To allow the collection of dirty linen or waste, the shelf trolleys of the 3950 series can be equipped with an XA3950/3830 and XA3950/3835 pedal coupling system to the 1 (3830 CR) or 2 bags (3835 CR) sack holder trolleys. 

The support for gloves  and the disinfectant dispenser complete the cart.


Ward trolleys with shelves: ergonomics and practicality

The ward trolley with shelves is a great advantage for nurses and certified nursing assistant. The convenience of being able to organize hospital equipment in an orderly manner, adding, for example, the drawer CS3950 for the arrangement of small items, is combined with the ergonomics of the handle integrated on the trolley lid.

The aluminium construction allows to greatly limit the weight of the trolley and the fatigue of the operators in handling.


The hospital trolley for CNA: how it is made

The hospital trolley for certified nursing assistants is a practical shelf tool that facilitates the staff in the distribution of materials such as, for example, clean linen.

In the Alvi range, in addition to the trolley already described, we find model 3950 CR with a single shelf and a capacity of 210 litres and the 4000 CR trolley with a capacity of 390 litres.

Various accessories can be added to the cart according to needs.

What to put in the hygienic care trolley

The hospital trolley for CNA is also used for hygienic care. The certified nursing assistant, therefore, must take care of disinfecting, cleaning, and preparing it with everything needed.

First of all on the shelves of a trolley for CNA it is essential to be able to allocate a box of gloves and an alcohol-based hand gel. Treating of material used for the care of not self-sufficient people, it is very common to have shaving foam, razors, spray deodorants and other items for personal hygiene in the list.

Added to this are diapers of different sizes, disposable sleepers, and diuresis bags. Linen must also be inserted on the shelves of this trolley: sheets, bed sheets, pillowcases, and bedspreads. Finally, you can also find material for simple dressings, soapy sponges, or gauze.

It is good to remember the importance of cleaning and disinfecting the trolley, to avoid any infections in the patient.

All the features of a good medical trolley

To be considered a good medical trolley, it must be as practical as possible for the transport of hospital equipment, as well as be resistant to impact and any possible contact with disinfectant detergents.

The presence of swivelling wheels and the light alloy construction also facilitates transport and passage in corridors that may present obstacles in the path.

Choosing the ward trolley online that best meets the needs of a certified nursing assistant is easy. Alvi experts will be able to answer, through the contacts indicated on the site, all the questions necessary to find the model that best suits your needs.

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